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Plaza de la Marina

Plaza de la Marina

Málaga - Andalucía, Spain



La Plaza de la Marina is one of the spots which is still intact and has the most history and skate sessions in Malaga, although it's difficult to skate for a few hours without being told to leave or receiving a fine. After the fall of the PLN, the local skaters switched to the Marina. There you can enjoy banks, ledges with various heights, manual pads and various sets of stairs, all on a perfect and spacious floor which you'll recognise from many of the videos in which it appears. The generation that saw the Marina grow included Oscar Morales 'Fly', Fernando Granada 'Chiri' and Alejandro Martínez among others. Not only locals have enjoyed this great spot, there have been many professional teams and visitors who have been here and left their mark, some have even stayed in Malaga for years. There's something about Malaga that charms and traps those who visit.


Malaga is famous worldwide for countless aspects, but mainly the weather. The stable temperature and sunshine always makes visitors want to stay. The major drawback of this city is that the authorities and politicians do not understand the importance and scope of the international level of skateboarding in Malaga that's been around for many years, severely punishing the practice of this activity on the streets and squares. In short, if you're skating and you see the police approaching they're probably not coming with good intentions.
What’s there?
  • Ledges
    Ledges, Manual pads
  • Jumps
    Banks, Streetgaps
  • Stairs
    5 and 6 Stairs, Gaps
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