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Kumba Skate Plaza

Kumba Skate Plaza

Kimberley - Northern Cape Province , South Africa


Skate plaza

Kumba Skate Plaza is in the city of Kimberley, in the Northern Cape Province, South Africa. Known for hosting the international event, The Maloof Money Cup, it was reconstructed in the year 2011 by California Skateparks for this event, and was later replaced by the similar and equally relevant Kimberley Diamond Cup.

Joe Ciaglia from California Skateparks and the pro skater Geoff Rowley re-designed the plaza and made it into a diamond shape, given that Kimberley is also known as Diamond City. At one end it has a raised part where you’ll find a manni pad with a ramp and smooth hubbas each side, a set of 5 stairs with rails, hubbas and low to high ledges. There are also four blocks with a rail and a bigger hubba. In the centre there is a funbox rail, a flat rail and ledges. At the other end of the plaza there are quarters and banks to continue making lines. There are also stands for the public around the street zone and a halfpipe and a mini ramp outside.


The park usually has some sort of activity on every day, above all at the weekends. In fact, the manager of the plaza and the two assistants offer free classes for all levels at the weekends, encouraging everyone, especially the youngsters. For those that don’t have equipment, they can lend or donate a board to you, depending on your circumstances. The Kimberley Diamond Cup is possible thanks to the mining company, Kumba Iron Ore and the association of the Northern Cape government. The event attracts skaters from all over the world every year and merges parallel events and concerts.

The skate plaza is in good condition since resistant and quality materials were used in the expansion by California Skateparks. The marble ledges and hubbas are a delight to side and grind on. The climate in Kimberley is basically continental, it has hot and humid summers from December to February and dry winters from June to August. Rainfall in the summer is rare and tends to be occasional storms rather than prolonged showers.
What’s there?
  • Funboxes
    Funbox Rail
  • Ledges
    Hubbas, Ledges, Manual pads
  • Pipes
    Half pipe, Quarters, Wallride, Mini ramp
  • Jumps
    Banks, Ramps, Eurogaps
  • Stairs
    5 Stairs, Gaps, 4 Blocks
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