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Casa da Musica

Casa da Musica

Porto - Região Norte , Portugal



The Porto concert hall, which is known as the 'Casa da Musica' in the city, has a square next to it which was opened in 2005. It is said that the architect of the hall planned it so that people could skate there. This is likely to be a rumour but even so, when you skate there on the perfect floor with smooth transitions, it appears that that was its purpose.

If you make a round you can find narrow tubes, like flatrails, where you can slide easily but it's more difficult to grind. The inclined flats have smooth transitions which end in a grill fence which you can skate many ways, like wallride, bank to rail, drop in, jump, etc. There are also areas where the fence ends that you can use as smooth transitions as a ramp to get air. There are various shallow and accessible gaps in the sloping floor that can be used as streetgaps, one after the other. There is also an opening, like an entrance to the plaza, from the road behind that gets wider as you go up the inclined flat leaving a streetgap with minirails at the sides which with enough speed, you can jump. 

The same organisation that runs Casa da Musica has also promoted skateboarding, like for example with the 'Skynth' project which was designed by Carlos Guedes. The idea of this project was to create sound effects and computer graphics from the skaters' movements and tricks and projecting them onto a screen with the intention of creating music.


Like in all big cities you'll need to be careful of the authorities as it could be that skating is not permitted in one or two of the squares, however, it isn't usually a problem in Casa da Musica. Sometimes there is a metal structure, like an amphitheatre, at the entrance to the square making that part unskateable. The best time to visit Porto and skate is during spring and summer, between May and September.
What’s there?
  • Rails
  • Jumps
    Banks, Ramp, Streetgaps
  • Stairs
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