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Annecy Skatepark

Annecy Skatepark

Annecy - Rhone Alps, France

Skateboarding, BMX, Roller


The skatepark was built near to the shore of Lake Annecy. One half of this hillside park is a street zone that ends in a bowl. It was previously known as the Bowl de Marquisats, because it used to just be the bowl. The company Constructo Skatepark Architecture recently added 750 metres of street park, making a circuit with levels surrounded by banks and curvings which makes it dynamic and fluid. It used to be called the Bowl des Marquisats, as it was only a bowl, but it's now known as both Skatepark des Marquisats and Annecy Skatepark.

In the higher zone you can skate stairs with a handrail, a eurogap and a hubba, then another slope with a straight hubba and a gentle descent. In the middle zone there is a bank to ledge, a handrail, and a bank which gets smaller from the base to the top. In the lower zone, there is a ledge with a streetgap, 4 wide steps which can be used as blocks, two sets of 3 steps each with a short handrail, ledges, planters, a curved edge and a bowl. It could be described as quite an 'original' skatepark. Events like the Vans Concrete Week-End which unites French and European skaters. The layout of the skatepark on the various levels gives it orginality.


It is often cold in Annecy because of the altitude and the Alps which are very close. There is usually more rain in October, November and December. The best months to visit are July and August.
What’s there?
  • Rails
    Flatrails, Handrails
  • Ledges
    Hubbas, Ledges, Manual pads, Curve ledges
  • Pipes
    Quarters, Spines, Curvings, Bowls
  • Jumps
    Banks, Ramps, Eurogaps, Streetgaps, Hips
  • Stairs
    3 and 6 Stairs, Gaps,4 Blocks
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